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Chiropractic Pediatrics

Chiropractic Pediatrics: A Clinical Handbook

This evidence-based text relates clinical chiropractic management to pediatrics, with coverage of the key aspects of syndromes most commonly seen by chiropractors working with children. It outlines the essential history-taking, physical assessment, diagnosis and management for each syndrome, while addressing relevant pathology of pediatric conditions.
This is an essential reference source for both chiropractic clinicians and students.
Chapters have been radically restructured for the new edition - in line with current research and the models of teaching now being used.

Chiropractic Pediatrics: A Clinical HandbookChiropractic Pediatrics: A Clinical Handbook
by Neil J. Davies
1st edition

Children's Chiropractic Healthcare Clinic, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Relates all aspects of pediatrics to clinical chiropractic management.
Provides coverage of common syndromes which may present to the chiropractor and outlines related history-taking, physical assessment, diagnosis, and management for each syndrome.
For students and practitioners.

Pediatric ChiropracticPediatric Chiropractic
by Claudia A. Anrig (Editor), Gregory Plaugher (Editor) 1st edition

Illustrated with many photos and illustrations demonstrating proper technique, the chapters address such issues as: non- accidental injury and child maltreatment, vaccination issues, children in motor vehicle collisions, the prenatal and perinatal period, exercise during pregnancy, physical assessment, diagnostic imaging, the spinal examination and specific spinal and pelvic adjustments, craniosacral therapy, pediatric nutrition, spinal subluxation, clinical neurology, orthopedics, scoliosis, the febrile child, the challenged child, adolescent care, and adolescents with acute spinal injuries.

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics (Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics)Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics (Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics)
by Richard E., MD Behrman, Robert M., MD Kliegman, Richard E. Behrman (Editor)
4th edition (January 15, 2002) ISBN: 0721694063

The 4th Edition of this popular, easy-to-use resource features a thorough review of all the common and uncommon disorders in children.
It presents the latest findings in genetics, infectious disease, and hematologic disorders.
Organized by organ system for easy use, this text places an emphasis on the pathophysiologic aspects for a systematic, clinical approach to children's problems.

Imaging of the Cervical Spine in ChildrenImaging of the Cervical Spine in Children by Leonard E. Swischuk Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (October 28, 2004) ISBN: 0387219137
Dr. Leonard Swischuk, who is recognized for authoring several superb and widely read pediatric radiology textbooks, has produced yet another outstanding work on the important subject of imaging the cervical spine in children. A distinguished pediatric radiologist, he draws upon his extensive experience in the field and his gift for writing clear and readable text to provide practitioners with an insightful approach to pediatric cervical spine injuries. Those who work in trauma imaging will appreciate the wealth of practical guidelines contained in this thorough yet concise book. Dr. Swischuk's text is organized into six chapters. The first two discuss developmental anatomy and normal variants. Chapters three and four concentrate on congenital anomalies and on abnormalities of the dens. The final two chapters consider trauma and miscellaneous abnormalities of the cervical spine. The book has several notable strengths that are appealing to radiology residents, such as its succinct and well-organized overview of the topic. To help residents identify cases that they are likely to encounter during board exams and in practice, Dr. Swischuk selected excellent plain film examples from his personal collection that illustrate the conditions he discusses and reflect his emphasis on cervical radiography. The illustrated cases also include CT and MR images that clarify and qualify the plain film findings. Helpful reference lists complete each chapter and guide residents to resources for further reading. In addition, Dr. Swischuk’s direct writing style makes the complex content highly accessible, providing imaging residents with an invaluable introduction to pediatric cervical spine radiology.

Imaging of the Pediatric Head, Neck, and Spine by Mauricio, MD Castillo, Suresh K., MD Mukherji Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 1st edition (January 15, 1996) ISBN: 0397515774
A text that covers all aspects of brain, neck, and spine imaging that pediatric neuroradiologists, pediatric radiologists, and general radiologists may encounter. Therefore, it deals substantially with imaging of the face, orbits, temporal bones, paranasal sinuses, airway, and neck. It includes discussions on the epidemiologic and clinical features as well as the imaging features of each entity. The drawn illustrations--simple line diagrams--portray common and unusual manifestations of the entities addressed. Each chapter begins with a brief discussion on embryology as it applies to the pathology thereafter considered.