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Five Element Acupuncture

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Color Five Element Chart

Color Five Element Chart
The five element theory is the cornerstone of acupuncture and meridian therapy.
This chart clearly shows the relationship of the five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) Laminated five element chart measures 8-1/2" X 11".
View Color Five Element Chart

Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five ElementsTraditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements
by Dianne M. Connelly
Publisher: Traditional Acupuncture Institute, Incorporat; 2nd edition

by Dianne M. Connelly, Ph.D., M.Ac. (UK).
Comments: The manuscript for this book was originally written in 1975, and first published in the 1970s, making it one of the first books on five element acupuncture available.
The author studied with J.R. Worsley at the College of Chinese Acupuncture U.K., and later on went on to found the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, now called TAI-SOPHIA, with her husband, Bob Duggan.
This book is one of the essentials.

Power of the Five Elements The Chinese Medicine Path to Healthy Aging and Stress ResistancePower of the Five Elements:
The Chinese Medicine Path to Healthy Aging and Stress Resistance

Based on his thirty years of using acupuncture in an integrative medical practice, Power of the Five Elements presents the Five Adaptation Types, Dr. Charles Moss’s modern application of the Five Elements of Chinese medicine.
This book provides you with:
• A roadmap to understanding why you react to stress the way you do and a comprehensive new approach to improving your ability to adapt
• A fascinating synthesis, presented for the first time, of the ancient wisdom of Taoist Chinese Medicine and current mind-body research
• Case histories and questionnaires to identify your Adaptation Type and specific, individualized recommendations—behavioral changes, exercises, meditations—to improve adaptation, reduce stress, and enhance healthy aging
• A clear understanding of the importance of lowering abnormal levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone associated with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer

If you are ready to increase your energy levels, improve your mood, and reduce your risk for serious illness, get started today and discover your Adaptation Type through Power of the Five Elements.

Archetypal Acupuncture: Healing With The Five ElementsArchetypal Acupuncture: Healing With The Five Elements
by Gary Dolowich
Publisher: Jade Mountain

Acupuncturists have used the Chinese model of the Five Elements for thousands of years to balance ch'i, the vital force of the body. This book explains how you can work with this ancient map of energy and apply a system based on the rhythms of nature to diagnose physical illness, resolve emotional imbalances, and navigate the stages of life.
Drawing upon case histories, spiritual poetry, classic sources such as the I Ching, and examples from contemporary culture, Archetypal Acupuncture: Healing with the Five Elements revitalizes traditional wisdom -- bringing East and West together. You are invited on a journey in which the elements are explored as universal symbols that allow us to cultivate a life that resonates with enduring values.

Five Element Constitutional AcupunctureFive Element Constitutional Acupuncture
by Angela Hicks (Foreword), John Hicks, Peter Mole
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

This exciting new textbook gives a clear, detailed, and accessible presentation of the main features of constitutional five element acupuncture treatment. It covers the context and history of this form of acupuncture, as well as the relevant Chinese medicine theory. After examining the elements themselves, and the functions of the Organs, the book explores the basis of diagnosis in five element acupuncture, possible blocks to treatment, and the treatment itself. It puts this style of treatment into the context of other styles of acupuncture treatment - especially Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as it is used in the West today.
* A clear and authoritative exploration of five element constitutional acupuncture.
* An description of the principle aspects of diagnosis within this system, ironing out inconsistencies often present in discussions of these aspects.
* An inspirational encapsulation of a popular style and approach in acupuncture, of interest to all schools of thought in Oriental medicine.

Five Elements and Ten StemsFive Elements and Ten Stems: Nan Ching Theory, Diagnostics and Practice
by K. Matsumoto, S. Birch
Publisher: Paradigm Publications

In this essential text, the authors explore concepts from the Su Wen, Ling Shu and Nan Jing to bring us a view of ideas that flowered in an age rich with Chinese medical history. They discuss the philosophical and theoretical development of the five-phase system, in particular the relationship of five phases to the I Ching, Tao Te Ching, and other classical Chinese texts, then present the correspondences that a practitioner can apply to the problems of diagnosis and treatment.
The diagnostic section is a complete and practical discussion of technique, including pulse, body type, visual diagnosis, and hara or abdominal diagnosis. The treatment section describes basic exercises, breathing techniques, treatment principles, and techniques from eminent classical texts. Modern treatment protocols are presented in clear, easy to use tables. It is one of the best sources of technique currently available and it reaches beyond technique to the art of healing.