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Electroacupuncture: A Practical Manual and ResourceElectroacupuncture: A Practical Manual and Resource
By David Mayor

This book presents an overview of the theoretical foundations of electroacupuncture, together with experimental and clinical evidence for the efficacy of electroacupuncture in its various forms.
It also provides guidance on the effective clinical practice of electroacupuncture, illustrated with informative case histories.
It serves as an excellent introduction on the subject, covering all the key information a beginning practitioner would need to know, as well as exploring avenues for advanced practice.
The accompanying CD-ROM is an ideal research tool, providing searchable chapters from the book as well as an extensive database of more than 8,000 clinical trials that can be accessed via the CD-ROM or through a companion website.

Microcurrent Electro-AcupunctureMicrocurrent Electro-Acupuncture
by Darren Starwynn
Publisher: Desert Heart Press

This book is a treasure. It rates a 10 and automatically becomes the standard for future books on this subject. Are you ready to enhance your clinical results and practice success through the powerful principles and techniques of electromedicine? Microcurrent electro-acupuncture is a safe and highly effective evaluation and treatment system with far-reaching applications, including pain management, rehabilitation, tissue healing acceleration and meridian balancing.
This book is the definitive guide to this new and outstanding modality. It is organized into easy-to-reference sections covering all aspects of theory, technique and treatment plans. Abundant photographs illustrate all techniques and listed acu-points. Once you start using microcurrents in your practice, you will refer to this text again and again.
You will learn how to:
Understand microcurrents and the bio-electrical qualities of the human body , with an overview of contemporary research on the subject.(Chapters 1 - 4)
Master the secrets of pain treatment, and significantly improve your results with difficult-to-treat patients. (Chapters 5 - 9)
Apply a range of probe techniques for non-needle acupuncture and trigger point treatment for rapid pain control and meridian balancing. (Chapters 7 – 8)
Apply pad electrode applications for acute and chronic pain and assisted rehabilitation, including microamp and milliamp interferential methods. (Chapter 9)
Address both causal (Root) and symptomatic (Branch) aspects of patient complaints within a single treatment session utilizing the powerful Four-Step Protocol. (Chapters 10 – 14)
Accurately evaluate the Organ/meridian system through three valuable diagnostic systems: Electronic Meridian Testing (EMT), Alarm Point Kinesiology and Gastrocnemius testing.(Chapters 15 – 17)
Confidently treat a wide range of specific clinical pain and disease conditions, including: neck and back pain, allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, eye diseases, cancer pain, RSD, thoracic outlet syndrome and much more. (Treatment Formulary I and II)
Understand and apply basic techniques of Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV), using specific treatment frequencies and newly discovered points. (Treatment Formulary III)

Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle Eye Cure?Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle Eye Cure?acupuncture_adjunctive_books.html by William K. Coors (Foreword), Edward C., M.D. Kondrot, M.D., Edward C. Kondrot, M.D., N.D., Damon P. Miller II
Microcurrent stimulation (MCS) uses a combination of acupuncture and electricity to stimulate healing of macular degeneration.
This book offers a thorough explanation and history of MCS, details the equipment needed for self-treatment, and describes supplemental acupuncture points.
Consumer text, discusses the benefits of using microcurrent stimulation therapy as part of a treatment regimen for age-related macular degeneration.
Also includes a section on homeopathy and other alternative therapies.

Basic Microcurrent Therapy: AcupointBasic Microcurrent Therapy: Acupoint
by Carolyn Greenlee
Price: $45.00 at Redwing Books

This is a hands-on manual that guides the reader step-by-step through the basics of microcurrent therapy.
Details of instrumentation, applicable bodywork patterns, microcurrent inferential, auricular treatment procedures, meridian therapy, akabane.
Interpretation protocol, five-phase, luo, sedation and supplementation points, source, master, and association points, Korean hand therapy, and a variety of miscellaneous point treatment strategies are all covered in this ambitious and useful book.

Intro to Japanese Electro-Acupuncture and RyodorakuIntro to Japanese Electro-Acupuncture and Ryodoraku
by Hirohisa Oda
Price: $14.95 at Redwing Books

This text is designed to give the practitioner an accurate understanding of the history and development of electric devices and their usage with the goal of providing patients the safest, most effective treatment possible. It points out the physiological and therapeutic differences between alternating and direct current electro-acupuncture so the practitioner can decide which approach is preferable.
A discussion of ryodoraku and ryodoraku diagnosis is followed by a description of the ES-160 device, electrical stimulation for anesthesia and pain control, replenishing and decreasing qi points, treatment point suggestions, and safety precautions. The sections on practical usage and safety include the essential knowledge for beginning practice.

Simply a Safer Way: Electroacupuncture TechniquesSimply a Safer Way: Electroacupuncture Techniques
by Julian Kenyon
Price: $45.00 at Redwing Books

A fully illustrated manual on the use of acupressure, acupuncture or electro-acupoint stimulation for more than 160 different conditions. The description of each disease condition includes a synopsis of cause and effect, a listing of suitable acupuncture point names and detailed black-and-white illustrations with point demarcations.
The spiral-bound format and the organization according to nine categories ranging from painful disorders to sports and industrial injuries contribute to the utility of the text.

Therapeutic LasersTherapeutic Lasers
by G David Baxter

Concise in format yet comprehensive in scope, this book provides a biophysical background to the use of laser devices in therapeutic applications, containing reviews of current research findings (basic and clinical), the principles of safe and sound practice with laser devices, treatment guidelines, and detailed calculation of dosages and optimum selection of irradiation parameters.
Discussions include low-level applications for pain relief and lasers for wound healing. Illustrative photos and case histories provide further useful information.

Cross Currents: Electropollution & ElectromedicineCross Currents: Electropollution & Electromedicine
by Robert Becker

Becker describes the emergence of an electromagnetic medicine, which promises to unlock the secrets of healing, and the growth of electromagnetic pollution that poses a clear danger to our health. He uses the model of the body electric to explain the effectiveness of popular alternative healing methods including hypnosis, biofeedback, homeopathy, acupuncture, and psychic healing. All of these therapeutic modalities use aspects of the body’s innate electrical healing systems; all pose a challenge to the views of human life accepted by established mechanistic medicine. These timely ideas have begun to influence the social processes by which change is induced in Western societies. This is fascinating information that is easily read and of considerable importance.

Body ElectricBody Electric
by Robert O Becker, Gary Selden

Becker uses his personal experience to describe the rise and fall of technological medicine; he recalls the transformation of medical discovery into mechanistic dogma and the abandonment of the central rule of science: revision in light of new data. Following his own conviction, Becker began with experiments on regeneration in certain animals (such as the salamander) that can grow perfect replacements for body parts which have been destroyed.
In this book he presents his belief that discoveries about electromagnetism presage a revolution in biology and medicine that may one day enable physicians to control and stimulate healing using only the electromagnetic forces present in the human body.