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Osteopathic Book Collection

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Principles of Osteopathy
By G. D. Hulett, B. S., D. O.
The various subjects outlined and the manner of their treatment are the result of the labor of the author which has been especially devoted to the principles of osteopathy during his course as teacher in the American School of Osteopathy for the past three years. In large part the work here presented is a revision of lectures delivered before the classes in Principles of Osteopathy.

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Studies in the Osteopathic Sciences: 4 Volumes
By Louisa Burns
This book is written for the use of students of osteopathy, either before or after their graduation. It is hoped that the rather broad discussion of the biological principles upon which the methods of osteopathic therapeutics are based will be found somewhat suggestive and convincing. The experiments demonstrating the osteopathic centers are described rather fully.

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Osteopathic Mechanics
By Edythe F. Ashmore, D.O.
Published 1915 with 82 illustrations, 237 pages.
Text on locating and correcting the osteopathic lesion. Scanned on CD in PDF format.
Great information for the Osteopath, Chiropractor or bodyworker.

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A Manual of Osteopathy
By Dr. Eduard W. Goetz
171 pages with 45 illustrations. Published 1900. It is in its way a complete handbook on the treatment of disease, not by faith, but by knowledge based upon careful investigation and on discoveries in the science of healing which are not the less valuable because they happen to be new and strange to some.

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The Practice of Somapathy
By Chas. H. Murray, A. B., D. O.
1913 edition, 86 pages with 25 illustrations. Describes the treatment of various diseases/conditions using hot/cold therapy of specific spinal and abdominal areas, massage of specific spinal and abdominal areas. Nutritional recommendations for each disease/condition

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Practice of Osteopathy
By Chas. H. Murray, A. B., B. D., D. O.
Practice of Osteopathy - Its Practical Application to the Various Diseases of the Human Body. The most important part of osteopathic procedure is the examination of the patient, the determination of the lesion, the discovery of what is wrong in the human building.

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Applied Anatomy of the Spine
By H.V. Halladay, D.O.
205 pages. The movements of the spine were so clearly demonstrated that one could see just what happened at a given articulation, thus affording a means of criticizing methods of spinal adjustment long in vogue and enabling the practician to visualize the lesion and to determine better the proper procedure for correction.

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The Science of Healing by Adjustment
By Percy H. Woodall, M.D., D.O.
As a graduate and former practitioner of medicine, I have endevored to present the claims of Osteopathy to recognition as a school of healing, conservatively and fairly.

Chiropractic Book Collection

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Chiropractic Principles and Technique
For Use by Students and Practitioners, originally published 1947. Contains 660 pages with 225 illustrations, 176 of them being illustrations of technics. Eight sections with 40 chapters

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Autobiography of Andrew T. Still
Over 150 illustrated adjustments including adjusting children and extremities. 224 pages with 177 illustrations.

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Spears Painless System of Chiropractic and Other Developments
By Dr. Leo L. Spears
Ever since the Spears Painless System of Adjusting appeared as a blessing to our profession in 1925, chiropractors everywhere have constantly been striving to make their adjustments more pleasant and more effective. And through great progress has been made in these directions, there is still sufficient need for more improvement to warrent the issuance of this book, with all its additional features.

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Technic and Practice of Chiropractic
By Joy M Loban D.C.
No two students, approaching for the first time the study of Chiropractic, approach from the same angle. Their viewpoints differ. In order that all may gain as nearly as possible the same viewpoint from which to consider in turn the sections of this book, it will be well if each student reads the entire book before beginning to memorize its parts and convert them into practical working knowledge.

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Lateral Curvature of The Spine and Round Shoulders
By Robert W. Lovett, M.D.
Excellent text for any professional studying scoliosis. Dr. Lovett is known by Medical doctors, Osteopaths and Chiropractors for his insight into the examination and diagnosis of scoliosis. Scoliosis is more than just a lateral curvature of the spine, unlike a forward curve of the spine, a lateral curve causes the vertbrae to twist about their axis.

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Chiropractic Technic Illustrated
By Michael Grecco DC
Over 150 illustrated adjustments including adjusting children and extremities. 224 pages with 177 illustrations.

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Osteopathic Strap Technic
Joseph Swart, D. O.
Published 1919 with illustrations, 120 pages.
Osteopathic strap technic, properly used, obtains desirable results in a manner agreeable to the patient and without exhausting the operator.

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Intra-Pelvic Technic or Manipulative Surgery of The Pelvic Organs
By Dr. P.H. Woodall, M.D., D.O.
201 pages with illustrations. Published 1926. Literature upon the manual treatment of pelvic pathology is by no means a new subject. Two men in widely distant parts of the world were developing this treatment.

The Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy
By Andrew Taylor Still

In taking up a pen at my age, and assuming the responsibility of writing a book on the causes and treatment of diseases, philosophically and in a comprehensible manner, with words and forms to meet the demands of this enlightened age, I feel it is a very great undertaking, and ask that the world give me its friendly criticism. Read and adopt, or reject, as you may feel disposed when you have perused what I may write.

Two Books on CD By Harold Swanberg
The Intervertebral Foramina in Man
The Intervertebral Foramen

The morphology of the intervertebral foramina in man including a description of their contents and adjacent parts with special reference to the nervous structures. Dr. HAROLD SWANBERG has enlarged the scope of his contribution to anatomic knowledge by lnIrsuing his investigation to its logical conclusion.

Health and Alternative Health Books on CD

The Homeopathic Treatment of Spinal Curvatures
According to the New Principle
By E. C. Franklin, M. D.

The intention of the Author has been, therefore, to present the more prominent and salient features of the disease, and the curative means demanded for their rectification, rather than a learned and elaborate treatise covering this subject; and in its preparation, he has placed under contribution the late and valuable works published on this important and interesting specialty, and is indebted to them for much interesting and valuable material.

The Action of Muscles on CD
Including Muscle Rest and Muscle Re-Education By William Colin Mackenzie

Just as important as a knowledge of the action of a muscle is a kndwledge of the action of its opponent, and the opponent should be specifically mentioned. The statement that fifteen external rotators of the hip, including such powerful engines as the psoas and great gluteus, are balanced by one muscle and part of another, can no longer be tolerated.

A Compend of the Principles of Homeopathy
As Taught by Hahnemann and Verified by a Century of Clinical Application

Hahnamann’s Organon is the great text-book of the homaopathic school. It contains philosophical conceptions and practical directions for the establishment of a true science of therapeutics, and all genuine progress towards this goal is in the direction pointed out in that work. To fix its principles clearly in the mind of the student, to faithfully apply them in practice, is the special duty and high privilege of Homoeopathy.

Lateral Curvature of the Spine and Pelvic Deviations
By Richard Barwell, F.R.C.S.

THOUGH appearing as a sixth edition of my earlier work on ‘Lateral Curvature of the Spine,’ this book is entirely. rewritten, and sets forth certain facts, which I discovered in and about 1890, which constitute the key to the problem of spinal curvature, and which form the rational basis to effective treatment.

Iridiagnosis And Other Diagnostic Methods
By Henry Lindlahr, M.D.

Iridology: Correct diagnosis is the first essential to rational treatment. Every homest physician admits that the old school methods of diagnosis are, to say the least, unsatisfactory and uncertain, especially in ascertaining the underlying causes of disease. Therefore we should welcome any and all methods of diagnosis which throw light on the causes and the nature of disease conditions in the human organism.

Sex and Dreams: The Language of Dreams
By Dr. William Stekel

Every mental activity is dominated by the law of “bipolarity”: to every instinct there corresponds a counter-instinct; to every virtue, a vice; to every manifestation of strength, some weakness. One can never understand the nature of man so long as one fails to take into consideration this fact.