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Chinese Ear Acupuncture Chart 8.5 X 11
This double sided 8.5" X 11" laminated chart contains the Chinese auricular acupuncture point locations. It is a great quick reference for treating patients.

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European Auriculotherapy System 8.5 X 11
This 8.5" X 11" double sided laminated chart is much easier to read than some current charts that bunch all of the points into one picture. This chart has four diagrams with the French system of auriculotherapy.

Auriculotherapy Manual 2rd Edition by Terry OlesonAuriculotherapy Manual 2rd Edition by Terry Oleson
This conventient spiral-bound second edition of the Auriculotherapy Manual lays flat on a table for easy clinical use. Beginning with a synopsis of the history of auriculotherapy and its comparison with body acupuncture, this book continues with the most complete and thorough collection of auriculotherapy ear charts available.
The descriptions of auricular anatomy present the ear topographically in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. They point out the ear landmarks, including those aspects hidden by overlaying anatomy. These descriptions include the relation of one landmark to another as well as to the parts of the body.
The maps are made more useful by the development of a fully illustrated presentation and an inclusive nomenclature for ear point locations.

Auriculotherapy Manual 3rd Edition by Terry OlesonAuriculotherapy Manual 3rd Edition by Terry Oleson
The new revision of This enormously popular handbook combines the theories of Chinese and French ear acupuncture into one concise treatment plan for over 250 medical conditions including chronic pain and addictions. Based on research conducted at the UCLA Pain Management Center, this book provides a standardized auricular nomenclature system for the reflex points and anatomical zones of the ear. Beginning with a historical and theoretical overview of auriculotherapy, the text then goes into the anatomy of the auricle, the auricle zone system, auricular diagnosis and treatment procedures, clinical case studies, and protocols for treating various conditions throughout the body. The text contains over 200 illustrations, with the most complete collection of auricular ear charts available, showing the ear topographically from both vertical and horizontal perspectives, plus a 2-page full-color insert. There is a handy index of treatment protocols listed alphabetically by condition (with page number reference for treatment) for convenient clinical use, and clinical forms for patient health history and diagnosis. The 3rd edition contains more information in every section, totalling 100 more pages than the second edition, with revised artwork throughout and updated research references.

Ear AcupunctureEar Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas Based on the Works of Nogier/Bahr
by Beate, Md. Strittmatter

Apparently Hippocrates was onto something when he treated impotence by bloodletting at the ear, as did Bosch when he showed Satan needling the Libido Point of the ear of a sinner. Strittmatter, a practitioner and chief instructor at the German Academy of Acupuncture gives a little history but a lot of practical advice on how to perform ear acupuncture, in which gold, silver, and even permanent needles are inserted in points on the auricle corresponding to other areas in the body. She describes these points as they correspond to the motor system, internal organs, structures of the head and nervous system, and functions such as the endocrine system.
Strittmatter also describes indications and auxiliary lines that relate to treatment for such conditions as anxiety, aggression, and addictions to barbiturates, caffeine, and nicotine. The volume includes over 300 illustrations.

Principles of Ear Acupuncture: Microsystem of the AuriclePrinciples of Ear Acupuncture: Microsystem of the Auricle
by Axel Rubach, Hans-Jurgen Weise (Contributor), Claus Schulte-Uebbing (Contributor)

This outstanding reference guide and textbook provides a comprehensive review of both the French (after Nogier) and Chinese schools of acupuncture. The book offers a detailed description of the anatomy and morphology of the ear, acupoints on the ear and their localizations, as well as specific points for ear acupuncture. Dr. Rubach, with over twenty years experience as a practitioner and teacher, provides valuable information in an easy-to-read, helpful format. You will learn how to use ear acupuncture safely and effectively. Large-format, graphic images are used to clearly show the location of points and the methods of auriculotherapy. The book includes answers to important everyday questions and is a treasury of practical information.

Auricular Acupuncture TherapyAuricular Acupuncture Therapy
Part of The Series of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Foreign Readers, this book mainly includes anatomy of the auricle, location, function and indication of auricular points, various methods of auricular acupuncture therapy, auricular diagnosis, and auricular treatment.
On the basis of introduction to the fundamental knowledge of auricular acupuncture, emphasis is put on the practical knowledge and clinical application.
In the book, only the diseases that are sensitive to auricular acupuncture are selected. Different methods of auricular acupuncture are explained in detail, such as needling, seed-pressing, drug injection, etc. In addition, each disease has an illustration marked with all auricular points being used.

Atlas of Standard Auricular PointsAtlas of Standard Auricular Points
Publisher: Shandong Science and Technology Press Several items contained in a plastic bag which includes: A copy of atlas of Standard Auricular Points (28 pp.) which includes five (5) charts (11 x 10 in.); an auriculotherapy plate (plexiglass, 5.5 x 3 x 1.5 in.) for the treatment of 260 points at one time; 500 medical auriculo-point magnetic balls (permanent-magnet, 2mm in diameter, for directly pressing auricular points with medical adhesive plaster); and 10 ring-headed thumb-tack needles (0.25mm in diameter, stainless steel, for auricular acupuncture).
The five charts are: 1) The standard nomenclature of auricular points (43) and locations adopted by the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific; 2) The plan of standardisation for auricular points (90) laid down by China Acupuncture-Moxibustion Association; 3) Commonly used auricular points (119) in China; 4) Auricle anatomical names and distribution of blood vessels and nerves; 5) Names of auricle points and a sketch chart of the zang-fu projection. Moreover, the exact location and indications of each point are discussed in detail in the atlas.

Handbook to Chinese Auricular Therapy
by Chen Ken, Cui Yongqiang

Though small in size, this book succinctly addresses treatment of 95 conditions with 111 points.
It also provides a general description of Chinese auricular therapy, including characteristics, anatomical structure of the auricle, nomenclature, locations, functions, and indications, auricular diagnosis, indications and contraindications, simulation methods, point selection rules, and auricular analgesia.

The Ear Gateway to Balancing the Body a Modern Guide to Ear AcupunctureThe Ear Gateway to Balancing the Body a Modern Guide to Ear Acupuncture
by Mario Wexu

This is the first comprehensive modern textbook of ear acupuncture.
The author uniquely combines his extensive personal clinical experience with traditional and modern Chinese and European sources. Anatomical descriptions with detailed charts clearly illustrate how to locate and use over 300 ear points, both alone and in combination with body points, to treat and prevent illness.
Case histories with specific techniques. An excellent repertory listing 130 diseases facilitates an understanding of this incredible and valuable healing art.

Chinese Auricular AcupunctureChinese Auricular Acupuncture
by Skya Abbate

Abbate (executive director, Southwest Acupuncture College, New Mexico) has written a straightforward introductory text to the practice of auricular (ear) acupuncture. Following a historical overview, the chapters provide anatomical terminology, location of the 100 common ear points, their clinical energetics, cautions and contraindications, ear modalities, diagnosis and morphology, prescriptions, and clinical research and effective points. Photographs of the ears of patients, with points clearly marked, are provided for illustration. Each chapter concludes with list of bibliography. The text will be useful to students and practitioners.
In classical Chinese medicine, the ear is considered an extraordinarily powerful nexus of energy through which the entire body can be treated. Unlike numerous texts that apply Western approaches to Eastern medicine, Chinese Auricular Acupuncture explains ear acupuncture within the framework of traditional Oriental energetics consistent with the use of the medicine.Written by an esteemed practitioner and teacher of auricular acupuncture, this modern, user-friendly guide provides students and practitioners with a concise manual on ear acupuncture. High-quality photos illustrate common ear pathology and include instruction on diagnosis. The text features Chinese clinical energetics of ear acupoints interfaced with the most common diagnostic paradigms. It also contains a detailed discussion of how to construct prescriptions tailored to the patient rather than the disease process.This unique book simplifies the art of auricular acupuncture by relying solely on the traditional Chinese ear map rather than a set of complex charts and systems. This approach explains the practical utilization of auricular therapy in a manner that is memorable, clinically useful, and based on the underpinnings of an education in traditional Chinese medicine.

Microsystems Acupuncture: The Complete Guide. Ear - Scalp - Mouth - Hand
by Hans-Ulrich, M.D. Hecker, Angelika, M.D. Steveling, Elmar T., M.D. Peuker

In the last fifty years, microsystem acupuncture has emerged as a safe and effective therapeutic option for a wide range of conditions, from cardiovascular and neurological disorders to obesity and nicotine dependence. Its worldwide acceptance is largely due to the ability of microsystem acupuncture to provide access for treatment, even in the event of extreme local sensitivity to pain.
This book is a comprehensive overview of ear, scalp, mouth, and hand acupuncture to help you understand the relationships between these microsystems and the body. Integrating new and established methods, the book covers such topics as Yamamoto New Skull Acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture, and laser acupuncture with concise text and more than 350 photographs to allow for instant localization of all zones and points. The range of techniques addressed makes this one-of-a-kind work is ideal for busy students and practitioners looking for an overview of some of the most rapidly growing and innovative advances in acupuncture and complementary medicine.

Eye Acupuncture TherapyEye Acupuncture Therapy
by Zhao Xin

In recent years, according to the theory of differential diagnosis of syndromes and the principle of selection of acupoints by inspection of blood vessels on eye.
The eye acupuncture at acupoints around eyeball and on orbital edge to treat various general diseases of human beings has been used in clinical practice with a good therapeutic effect.
The eye acupuncture therapy was thoroughly discussed in 2 parts of this book. In the first part of the the basic theories of eye acupuncture were introduced and in the second part the definition, etiology, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, treatment and clinical experience of more than 50 common diseases were mentioned as a reference for clinical practice of eye acupuncture therapy in traditional Chinese medicine.

Hand Acupuncture TherapyHand Acupuncture Therapy
by Zhao Xin, Qiao Jinlin, Li Guohua

The hand acupuncture therapy as a treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion applied to hand for general diseases of the body was in vogue in recent years. Human hand is closely related to internal organs, meridians, qi and blood.
The acupoints of 14 meridians and extra acupoints discovered in past successive dynasties and the effective spots developed in modern times are distributed an the hand.
In this book the acupoints and their usage for diseases of different medical branches were discussed as a reference for clinical application of acupuncture physicians and amateurs.

Auricular Acupuncture DiagnosisAuricular Acupuncture Diagnosis

This title is based on 5000 auricular acupuncture observations made in both healthy subjects and in patients affected by a variety of diseases.

The author's intention is to provide physicians and therapists with an innovative diagnostic model, giving them the possibility of a fuller understanding of their patients.